Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Nerdiness of Terrorism

by David Lawrence

Terrorism has become the Moslem method of war. Not every Moslem is a terrorist.  But most terrorists are Moslems.  And there are a whole lot of Moslems in the world.
They have over a billion people and could fight real wars but their nature is to sneak around and blow people up.  It is a cowardly tactic.  Only a nerd who is self-involved and wants to uglify the world would blow up strangers and himself.  He is not cool.  He is a dork. 
Terrorists think that they are trendy with their guns and their suicide vests.  They don’t look so cool when their corpses are covered in the detached hands of children and the blood of grandmothers.
I suppose terrorism is necessary for Moslems because they are not very civilizationally advanced and have not really invented real weapons for war even though they have borrowed some from the west. And the United States, in its global bribery, gifts them some.
What happened to the gladiatorial games when men would fight men to the death?  What happened to the English military walking in lockstep without even bothering to duck the bullets of the American guerrilla forces?  How was bravery replaced by stealth?
Why do terrorists skulk around in the alleys of our lives?  Why do they take the fight out of fight and sponsor assassinations and executions?
Obama (originally born a Moslem) has moved terrorism to the sky.  He has fielded an army of drones to surprise his enemies.  He kills with no exposure.  He has enhanced robotic murder.
A street fight is ugly.  It usually involves a sucker punch or maybe knifings. It does not have the organizational structure of war. 
I am not a terrorist.
I am not a street fighter. 
I am a boxer.  I fight under the rules of the ring. Not even, I am retired.
I obeyed a referee when I fought. I was like an English soldier, marching to brain damage, fighting with dignity, allowing my opponents to share the rules of the ring, finding my lord in the old rules of the Marquees of Queensberry.
I haven’t been a street fight since I am eighteen.  I think they are low class.  They never end up fair. I detest thugs fighting without rules.  It is like terrorism and drone fighting.  It is mankind at his worst.  It is suicidal, brain-washed Moslems and President Obama trying to prove their manhood by extreme acts of ugliness and inconsideration.
Of course, Obama is better than his Moslem, nerd brothers.  They kill helter-skelter.  He targets his targets and kills neatly. 
Terrorism is the nerdiness of unimaginative killers.  They can’t blame themselves because they are without souls and conscience. They don’t exist except in their blasts.  Their destruction is their reverse corporality. Its time our civilization returned to the dignity of structured battle between soldiers and away from nerds honing their skills on video games and blowing themselves and others around them up.

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