Monday, June 1, 2009

Thoughts on Conan O'Brien

I watched the lion's share of the inaugural episode of The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien.

I liked the opening montage where Conan is running through America from New York to Los Angeles. The clip of him being chased through Chicago's Wrigley Field is hilarious.

It's good to see Andy Richter back with Conan after nearly a decade apart while Max Weinberg heads up the Tonight Show Band.

The new show is based in Universal Studios Hollywood and the set is quite grand. Conan showed a video of him leading a tour of Universal Studios which was quite amusing.

Conan doesn't make me laugh that much but I find him more amusing than Jay Leno.

But surely he could have done better than have booked Will Ferrell as his first guest.

I'm not a Ferrell fan and could barely stand to watch the two or three minutes he was on before Conan wisely broke for a commercial.

Neither am I a fan of Pearl Jam so I bailed at that point.

As with most late night shows I don't generally watch unless there's a specific guest I want to see.

But he held the fort at 12:30 for 15 plus years. I'm sure he'll have similar success at 11:30.

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