Monday, June 1, 2009

Thoughts on Susan Boyle III

Yesterday, Susan Boyle was admitted to a hospital for nervous exhaustion.

Scarcely seven weeks ago she lived in obscurity in an obscure Scottish village.

Sure more people were going to know of her when she decided to audition for Britain's Got Talent.

Yet no one could have imagined that 200 million plus people would view her singing on YouTube.

No one could have imagined all the adulation she would receive from everyone from anonymous strangers to the likes of Demi Moore.

No one could have imagined the offers of record deals and tours.

No one could have imagined the backlash against her would have been equally swift.

It would be too much for anyone to handle much less a person with learning disabilities who had long been bullied only to be bullied again this time on a global scale.

It was too much to process too soon. No doubt she asked herself, "What have I got myself into?"

Of course, she can never return to full anonymity. But after some rest she can try to deal with the fame on her terms. While she has always loved singing does she must ask herself if she really wants to record or perform in concert? If the answer is no then it will be a question of allowing time to let the masses focus their energies on someone else.

But if she does want to perform she should do it at her own pace. She might be best suited to recording studio albums with live concerts being few and far between. She is in a position where she could do this because there is built in audience for her lacking in most other performers.

Assuming she still wants to sing I think her best bet would be to rest this summer, record a Christmas album in the fall with a TV special to promote it and that's it. That would be more than enough. It would be enough to keep people wanting more. She could keep them a waiting a year, two, five or forever if she so wished.

Of course, it is easier said than done. If record companies, concert promoters and TV stations see dollar signs they will want every pound of flesh they can get even if that skin should be paper thin.

Susan Boyle will need every bit of rest she can get.

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