Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Who is Running The Show in North Korea?

There are reports that Kim Jong-un, the youngest son of Kim Jong-il, has been named his father's successor.

Kim Jong-un is no more than 25 years old.

It is speculated the man behind the curtain these days is Kim Jong-il's brother-in-law, Chang Song-taek. He is a high ranking official of the North Korean Workers Party.

If there is a change in leadership in North Korea I hope President Obama doesn't make an overture to them like he did with Iran

As long as they insist on test firing missiles and as long as they hold Laura Ling and Euna Lee in captivity it would be foolish to make any such overture.

However, I can't count on Obama not to act foolishly as I suspect he will do later this week in Cairo.

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