Monday, July 7, 2008

Obama's Flip to Flop on Iraq

Barack Obama has opened the door to flip flopping on his position in Iraq when he told Democratic supporters in North Dakota late last week, "I'm sure I'll have more info and continue to refine my policy." Obama is planning to visit Iraq and meet with the top generals later this summer.

It would have been nice had he been better informed from the outset. However, this is politically clever. If Obama modifies his position in a manner sufficient that a critical mass of the electorate is under the impression that he is strong on national security or at the very least willing to listen to what the military has to say then he has effectively neutralized McCain's strength. In that case, the election becomes a referendum on the economy and Obama has a decided advantage. Of course, McCain does have time on his side. But then again if the election is about the economy he might have to pick Romney as his running mate. Talk about a poison pill.

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Proletariat said...

Who flip flops anymore than John McCain on Iraq?

Check out the above YouTube video, entitled John McCain vs. John McCain. Then you can see for yourself just how much your buddy McCain flip flops.

Furthermore, we learn today that Iraq wants a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. troops. A hypothetical question was asked to John McCain regarding this exact situation in 2004. John McCain said if the government of Iraq was an elected government and they asked us to leave, he said we should; now he says otherwise.

It's quite obvious to anyone versed in last name origins why you went from being a socialist to a conservative. Hopefully, you'll soon realize that our occupation of Iraq is putting Israel in greater danger. You, along with many other American Jews, have been swindled by the Bush administration into believing that Iraq is where the fight against terrorism is.

I along with most liberals completely agreed with the War in Afghanistan, but certainly not Iraq.

If you're all about loyalty to Israel, that's fine. But be intelligent about what you support in order to be loyal.