Sunday, December 28, 2008

AFC East: Dolphins In; Patriots & Jets Out

Chad Pennington is the happiest man in America.

The Miami Dolphins defeated the New York Jets 24-17 to win the AFC East Division. In 2007, the Dolphins were 1-15. When the Jets signed Brett Favre, Pennington was out of a job. The Dolphins picked up Pennington and lost in Week 1 to the Jets.

But Pennington got the last laugh and beat the Jets on his old stomping grounds. The Dolphins will host the Baltimore Ravens in the first round of the AFC playoffs next week. Meanwhile, there is talk Favre will retire again. The Jets improved this season from 4 to 9 wins. But it's New York and Favre was expected to take them all the way. The Jets lost four of their last five regular season games. Favre threw three interceptions in the game.

The only people who are going to be grumpier Monday morning than Jets fans will be Patriots fans. The Patriots shut out the Buffalo Bills 13-0 at windy Rich Stadium. The Patriots went 11-5 despite missing Tom Brady. Matt Cassel did everything you could ask of a back up QB, the running game improved and the defense stayed afloat despite injuries to Lawrence Maroney and Richard Seymour. But because the Jets lost to the Dolphins and the Ravens beat the Jaguars the Patriots are out. So if either the Dolphins lost or the Jaguars had won the Patriots would have the number three seed in the AFC. Instead the Patriots are going home.

Such is life.

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