Monday, December 15, 2008

Britain Kow Tows to Muslims Again

I saw an item in The Daily Mail where prison officials in Britain will not install a crucifix in a room of worship for Christian prisoners on the advice of a Muslim imam so as not to offend Muslims while the Muslims get heated foot baths.

So this is what Britain considers "a multi-faith space." And by multi-faith they really mean Muslim-first.

This the same reasoning that prompted British schools to stop teaching about the Holocaust so it wouldn't offend Muslims who don't believe the Holocaust actually happened. Heaven forbid Britain should offend Muslims who want to turn the remnants of the British Empire into an Islamic Caliphate.

What would Churchill say if he were to come back to life and see what has happened to Britain?

Well, Britain's youth can't answer that question because they are no longer taught about Churchill and WWII.

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