Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An Article on Honor Killings in Marie Claire

In November 2009, I wrote about the death of Noor Almaleki.

She was the young Muslim woman in Phoenix who was run over by her father in a parking lot and would later succumb to her injuries. It was an honor killing.

At the time of her death I wrote, "The New York Times would not dare to use the phrase 'honor killing'." If you think I am exaggerating then please read Phyllis Chesler's piece at Pajamas Media concerning The New York Times and its coverage of honor killings or lack thereof.

The New York Times might not cover honor killings but Marie Claire will.

That's right. Marie Claire. As in the fashion magazine. In the latest issue of Marie Claire (featuring actress Dakota Fanning on the cover), Abigail Pesta has written an article about Almaleki titled, "An American Honor Killing." It is worth noting that Pesta serves as the editor-at-large for Marie Claire.

From here on out I will take the words printed in Marie Claire far more seriously than I do the words printed in The New York Times.

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