Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Conservative Poetry Reading on Monday, July 5th

If you are a conservative or a libertarian and if you should find yourself in the Boston area on the evening of Monday, July 5th I would like to take this moment to invite you to my poetry feature with Stone Soup Poetry in The People's Republic of Cambridge.

Founded in 1971 by Jack Powers, Stone Soup Poetry is one of the longest, continuous weekly poetry readings in the country.

The proceedings take place at the Out of the Blue Gallery and start at 8 p.m. I should hit the stage between 8:30 and 9:00 p.m. and I will do a half hour set.

The set won't comprise solely of poetry of a conservative bent. But there will be enough of it to delight conservatives and drive liberals, socialists and communists into a state of frothing.

In fairness, Stone Soup deserves a lot of credit for having invited me in the first place. Poetry readings are universally left-wing. So when someone like me comes along and critiques President Obama, defends our military and has good things to say about America it can make for some interesting reactions including, in one instance, the use of a Coke can as a projectile.

Yet it would not have been possible had I not been extended an invitation by Chad Parenteau who has been at the helm of Stone Soup for several years now. I'm sure there are those who are not pleased that Chad would do such a thing.

Indeed, this very well could represent my only shot at a feature here or anywhere else in the country and quite possibly the world. So let's make the most of this fleeting moment. While I thrive on antagonism borne of ignorance it would be nice for a change to read in front of a more sympathetic, well-informed audience. I promise to make it worth your while.

For further information (and for those curious as to what I look like) you can look here if you dare.

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