Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Puff Piece on Al Franken in Newsweek

This morning I read what I can only describe as a puff piece by Michael Hirsh in Newsweek on Minnesota DFL Senator Al Franken:

You could almost imagine it as a Saturday Night Live routine. Open with a shot of the U.S. Capitol. A senator is droning on about some horribly boring subject. Cut to Al Franken sitting in the Senate chairman’s seat, gavel in hand. Antics ensue. It could be a funny skit, except that for the past year, Al Franken actually has been spending a lot of time in the Senate chairman’s seat—off the air, avoiding jokes, studying the job of senator and his new colleagues as they take their turns on the floor.

No antics, huh? Try telling that to Joe Lieberman. Or to South Dakota Senator John Thune.

Hirsh goes on to praise Franken's "studiousness." Ah yes, dozing off and doodling are time honored displays of diligence.

Honestly, if a Republican Senator had got into a public row with two of his colleagues and were to doze off and doodle during a Supreme Court confirmation hearing would Hirsh have written such a complimentary piece?

Is it any wonder Newsweek is up for sale?

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Jimmie D. Martin said...

Newsweek is overpriced at .01 a share