Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Iran Sentences Blogger to 19 Yrs in Evin Prison

Iran has sentenced blogger Hossein Derakhshan to 19 years in prison for the production and dissemination of anti-government propaganda.

Anyone in America who blogs should give pause. Even if you don't blog about politics you should take a moment to think about what we have in this country. What we have is the ability to speak our minds. People might like what we have to say. People might not like what we have to say. But we can say it with the knowledge that we won't be taken from our homes and sent to prison.

It is something we should never take for granted. Thus when someone outside of America is sent to prison for engaging in an activity we carry out without fear of governmental sanction it is incumbent that we speak out. Yes President Obama, it is our place to meddle.

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