Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sarah Shourd Released

American hostage Sarah Shourd has been released by Iran.

The Iranians released her once they obtained half a million dollars.

Last week, Iran agreed to release her only to reverse themselves. The Iranians then made the ransom demand.

No word as to who paid the ransom.

Shourd's fiance Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal remain in Iranian custody.

The three were taken into custody in July 2009 when they hiked along the Iraq-Iran border.

While I am glad that she has been released one must be concerned about the fate of Bauer and Fattal. If the Iranians were prepared to demand money in order to release a woman who is seriously ill (she may have breast cancer) then one can only imagine what Iran will demand with regard to Bauer and Fattal.

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