Saturday, February 28, 2009

Poem: A Letter From An Unknown Soldier

In response to Obama's announcement concerning the end of the combat mission in Iraq by August 31, 2010 and his speech ( I have composed this poem titled "A Letter From An Unknown Soldier":

Dear Mr. President,

I know you are a busy Commander in Chief
So I will be to the point and brief
I am a Specialist with the 3rd I.D.
With three tours of duty setting Iraqis free
Our mission will be coming to an end soon
I want you to know I'm proud of my platoon

I am well aware you did not like this war from the start
Nevertheless I am proud to have done my part
Even when you called the war dumb
We were able to keep from being numb
I understand you don't have the overwhelming urge
To acknowledge the success of the surge
Instead it seems that you look upon us with pity
As we slowly return to our towns and cities
How quickly you forget we fought of our own volition
For the United States and with our friends in the Coalition

It is true that many of our friends are now wounded or dead
But one cannot make a sacrifice without having first bled
If we are soon to be finished with our task
Then I have only these things to ask
Don't you think it would be just and fair
To declare victory for what we have done there
Do you wish to see our flag raised having prevailed over terror
Or do you only want to see it draped when surrounded by pallbearers
The support of our President is every soldier's need
That is unless you never wanted us to succeed
And since it is our success to which you are opposed
Please find this Purple Heart of mine enclosed

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