Friday, February 6, 2009

Thoughts on Obama's Remarks on the Stimulus Package

I watched President Obama's remarks on the stimulus package on the Fox News Channel last night and boy did he ever come off as nasty and snarky.

He behaved like a kid who didn't get the present he wanted for his birthday.

Obama said he "found this deficit when I showed up." What? Obama is now taking credit for having discovered the deficit? We've had a deficit for a long, long time and Obama is only finding out about it now?

President Bush certainly deserves criticism for he handled the economy. But if Bush had lambasted Democrats with charges of "phony arguments and petty politics" the liberal media would have called him partisan and divisive. But when Obama charges Republicans with "phony arguments and petty politics" the same liberal media says that Obama is going on the offensive.

Obama is scheduled to address the nation on the economy on Monday night. I hope he has calmed down by then. Because nastiness and snarkiness does not make for successful leadership.

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