Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thoughts on Obama's State of the Union & The Jindal Response

OK, I know no one was referring to it as a State of the Union address but that's what it was.

Much has been said about Obama's more optimistic tone in contrast with his first Presidential press conference and in other remarks notably to the Virginia Democratic Party. But from what I have observed of Obama he doesn't retain a particularly friendly disposition when things don't go his way. Given his ambitious plans with regard to energy, health care and education he is going to meet resistance whether he likes it or not.

Despite the public's reservations about the stimulus they are with Obama for now. However, that can change if Obama doesn't get what he wants concerning energy, health care and education policy. If he loses his poise or shows he isn't amenable to bipartisanship and compromise he will lose support. However, I neither underestimate Obama nor the will of the MSM to whitewash his shortcomings.

As for Bobby Jindal, it was fairly boilerplate stuff. He was well spoken but stiff. I am sure Jindal would do well in a debate with Obama but he lacks the personal touch of Sarah Palin. Besides he is still needed in Louisiana.

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