Monday, February 9, 2009

Senator Patrick Leahy or The Boston Globe? Who is More Daft?

That is a real toss up.

Today, the senior Senator from Vermont told an audience at Georgetown University that there should be a "truth and reconciliation commission" to look into wrongdoings during the Bush Administration.

But Foon Rhee, Deputy National Political Editor at The Boston Globe, had this lead in to the story:

South Africa used one to get past apartheid after the end of white-minority rule.

Now, Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont is proposing one to sift through all the wreckage of the Bush Administration. (

Let me get this straight. Are Senator Leahy and The Boston Globe actually comparing the Bush Administration to South Africa during the Apartheid era?

Criticize the Bush Administration all you want. But to compare any actions taken by the Bush Administration to the political violence set out by the Apartheid regime against the majority of its populace is at the very minimum odious and displays an inability to distinguish between democratic and authoritarian regimes.

So who is more daft? It is a draw. Both are equally daft. Senator Leahy and The Boston Globe should know better.

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