Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Krugman Blasts Bush Over Ground Zero Mosque

Paul Krugman wants former President George W. Bush to speak out on the Ground Zero mosque.

In yet one of dozens of columns where he assails Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, Krugman laments the lack of "responsible Republicans" willing to speak out against them:

To take a prime example: the hysteria over the proposed Islamic center in lower Manhattan almost makes one long for the days when former President George W. Bush tried to soothe the religious hatred, declaring Islam a religion of peace.

But just when you think Krugman is praising Bush he reverts to Lucy removing the football from Charlie Brown's path:

But here's the thing: Mr. Bush is still around, as are many of his former officials. Where are the statements, from the former president and those in his inner circle, preaching tolerance and denouncing anti-Islam hysteria?

This from the same guy who said of Bush during an appearance on Larry King Live in October 2008, "Who believes him anymore? There's been too many lies in this White House."

So why should I believe Krugman when he demands a statement from former President Bush? He wouldn't believe him anyway.

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