Monday, August 16, 2010

Ninth Circuit to Hear Prop 8 Appeal in December

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has stayed Judge Vaughn Walker's ruling and will hear from the proponents of Prop 8 in December.

Judge Walker was prepared to allow same sex marriages to resume pending appeal but opted last week to give proponents of Prop 8 to appeal to the Ninth Circuit.

Perhaps this will allow for a cooling off period. Some conservative commentators went into a tizzy when Judge Walker made his ruling concerning the appeal and wondered if the Ninth Circuit would go along with Walker. Earlier today, Ed Whelan of National Review Online called the Ninth Circuit a "notoriously lawless court." But six hours later, after the Ninth Circuit Court had stayed Walker's verdict, Whelan had not a negative word. But of course, that will change should the Ninth Circuit uphold Walker's ruling.

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