Friday, August 20, 2010

U.S. Tells Israel a Nuclear Iran Isn't an Imminent Threat

With the Russian built Bushehr nuclear plant due to go online tomorrow, the Obama Administration has given Israel assurances that Iran's nuclear program is not an imminent threat.

Please forgive me if those assurances don't inspire my confidence. The Obama Administration estimates Iran is at least a year from developing a weapon. Assuming this is an accurate analysis all this tells me that it isn't a question of if Iran will develop a nuclear weapon but when. But what happens when they do develop that weapon? Of course, why should I believe the Obama Administration's assurances? Let us also not forget that it was only three years ago that the National Intelligence Estimate had declared Iran had abandoned ambitions for nuclear weapons in 2003.

Iran was bad enough when it was an Islamic theocracy. Now it is an Islamic theocracy with nuclear power and we have ourselves to blame for it. We gave them our gonads and now they can squeeze at will.

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