Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Did Canada's Support of Israel Keep it Off UN S.C.?

Yesterday, I wrote about Canada's unsuccessful bid for a seat on the UN Security Council.

Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs Lawrence Cannon stated that remarks by Liberal Party leader Michael Ignatieff damaged Canada's chances.

Ignatieff replied that the blame lie with Canada's foreign policy under the Tory government of Stephen Harper.

Former Canadian Ambassador to the UN Paul Heinbecker appears to agree with Ignatieff. Heinbecker said that a number of factors kept Canada off the Security Council including its support of Israel. Heinbecker, who was appointed Canada's representative to the UN in 2000 by Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien, also cited decreased aid to Africa as well as the Harper government's changing positions on climate change and peacekeeping.

So perhaps Ignatieff is right to say that Canada's current foreign policy does not sit well with other UN member states. But it begs several questions of Ignatieff. Does Ignatieff mean to say that Canada should become less supportive of Israel? If Canada being supportive of Israel renders it unfit to serve on the Security Counci?l If so then why is Lebanon fit to serve on the Security Council with a government controlled by Hezbollah?

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