Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Poem for Liu Xiaobo

It wasn't all bad at Brandeis.

Tonight, I read a new poem which I have dedicated to 2010 Nobel Peace Prize recipient Liu Xiaobo which was nicely received. The poem is titled "Guest of Honor":

How do you hold a dinner
In honor of a man
Who for lack of a better word
Has been detained
And will be unable to attend
He won't be there
For the cured reindeer fillet
And smoked duck
That will be enjoyed
By visiting dignitaries
He won't be there
For all the kind words
To be uttered by complete strangers
He won't be there
To hear calls for his immediate release
He won't be there
To be forgotten
Until next year's recipient is announced
Well, at least the proceedings
Will be an improvement over last year
When all the guest of honor
Could talk about was himself
What could have the committee been thinking?

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