Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thoughts on the Stomping Incident in Kentucky

Whatever Lauren Valle's intentions were with regard to Rand Paul on Monday night it should not have resulted in her being wrestled to the ground and stomped upon.

That Valle is a member of and wanted to cause trouble for Paul is irrelevant. There was no justification for the actions of a few Rand Paul supporters. The Paul campaign, to its credit, has declared the man who did the actual stomping persona non grata.

One could make the case that there should have been better security so as to have prevented such trouble from arising. But then again you cannot plan for everything.

While the liberal media would be dirilect if it did not cover the incident they certainly did not exercise due diligence when it came to scrutinizing SEIU members who attacked conservative activist Kenneth Gladney outside a town hall meeting on Obamacare in St. Louis in August 2009.

The bottom line here is that, whether you are a liberal or a conservative, if you have a point to make then your ability to express that point should not be trampled upon either literally or figuratively.

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