Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An Evening with MA GOP Congressional Hopefuls

I spent this evening at a Republican Jewish Coaliton event in Brookline with several Massachusetts Republican candidates. The organizers underestimated the attendance and had to bring out several extra rows of chairs.

The candidates in attendance included Sean Bielat (who is giving Barney Frank fits), Jeff Perry, Bill Hudak, Jon Golnik and Gerry Dombrowski. Marty Lamb (who is facing off against Jim "The Constitution is Wrong" McGovern) was unable to attend due to a candidates debate.

After listening to these candidates I don't see a Scott Brown in the bunch. Don't get me wrong. They generally made a good account of themselves and were well received. But nobody was spellbinding.

Bielat and Perry in particular have been getting a good amount of media attention. But they are going need more than that. Bielat is behind Barney Frank by 13 points. Perry, on the other hand, is within the margin of error against Bill Keating and the race is a genuine toss up. But everything has to break Perry's way in a week's time and I'm not convinced he can pull it off. I hope I am wrong but I suspect I am not.

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