Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thoughts on Joe Biden's Stranglehold

I am sure most of you know by now that Vice-President Joe Biden said he wanted to "strangle" Republicans who called for a balanced budget.

Biden, of course, was quick to say it was meant in jest.

But imagine if Sarah Palin said she wanted to strangle Democrats. The liberal media would have accused Palin of fomenting violence amongst angry Tea Party activists.

In case anyone thinks I exxagerate remember when Palin put out her "target map" of Democrats who voted for Obamacare last March? Liberals and left-wingers were quick to accuse Palin of inciting violence.

Jed Lewison of The Daily Kos wrote:

Of all the images to convey about her movement, it is revealing that Sarah Palin chose one associated with violence. Palin's rhetoric comes amidst a surge in right-wing extremism, a time during which she should be urging cooler heads to prevail instead of fueling the most radical elements of her base.

Somehow I don't think Jed Lewison will chide Vice-President for using an image of violence against Republicans nor do I think he will call upon Biden to urge cooler heads to prevail rather than fueling the most radical elements of his base.

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