Sunday, November 1, 2009

Axelrod: "We're Not At War With Anyone."

Brent Baker of has taken Bob Schieffer of Face The Nation to task for stating that Rush Limbaugh had ruined the peace between the Obama Administration and the Fox News Channel. I wasn't aware they had reached a ceasefire.

Limbaugh was interviewed today by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday where he chided President Obama as “narcissistic,” “immature, inexperienced” and “in over his head.” He also dismissed Obama's gesture of saluting a deceased soldier at Dover Air Force Base last week as a "photo op."

At around the same Limbaugh was being interviewed on FNC, Schieffer interviewed President Obama's Chief of Staff David Axelrod. I'm not so much perturbed with Schieffer as I am with Axelrod who remarked:

“We're not at war with anyone. We're at war only with people who represent mistruths...”

Hmmm, I could have sworn that we were at war in Afghanistan and Iraq. But what can one expect when this Administration would rather be at war with Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck than it would with al Qaeda and the Taliban?

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