Sunday, November 8, 2009

UN Kicks Out Pro-Israel Advocate

A pro-Israel advocate was escorted off the premises of the UN after she spoke out against the UN General Assembly's decision to endorse The Goldstone Report on Thursday.

Speaking to the press outside the General Assembly, Anne Bayefsky criticized the General Assembly for not including Hamas in its resolution much to the chagrin of the Palestinian delegation. Indeed, the Palestinian representative Riyad Mansour asked, "Did we capture them?"

A spokesman for UN General Assembly President Ali Treki of Libya states Bayefsky was removed from UN premises because representatives of NGOs are not authorized to speak at microphone outside the General Assembly. Bayefsky is the Director of the Touro College Institute on Human Rights and The Holocaust. But Bayefsky notes that other NGOs such as Human Rights Watch have spoken at the same microphone without incident. She went on to state, "I am quite sure that if I had congratulated the United Nations, no one would have said anything." Truers words were never spoken.

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