Monday, November 30, 2009

A Word to the Weis

Charlie Weis has been fired as the head coach of Notre Dame's football program.

In five seasons, the Fighting Irish went 35-27 during Weis' tenure. Although they did reach the Fiesta Bowl and the Sugar Bowl during Weis' first two seasons the only Bowl game they won the Hawai'i Bowl last year.

Notre Dame hasn't won a national championship since going 12-0 under Lou Holtz in 1988. But there were big expectations of Weis. Not only was Weis a Notre Dame alumni he was also the Offensive Co-ordinator of the New England Patriots and was wearing three Super Bowl rings.

But the NFL isn't the college game and vice versa. It is very rare that a football head coach is successful in both. Notre Dame is probably better off hiring someone without an NFL background. They might be better suited to hiring someone who has coached high school players. Because whoever they hire cannot fill the shoes of a Rockne, Leahy, Parseghian, Devine or Holtz. He can only fill his own shoes. He'll have to carve out his own legacy.

But Notre Dame's new head coach will have to win at least one for the Gipper.

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