Monday, November 2, 2009

Cal Thomas Agrees With Frank Rich

Syndicated columnist Cal Thomas says that Frank Rich of The New York Times has it right when it comes to the Republican Party.

Thomas writes, "Republicans are in denial if they think they can be victorious with an all-white party."

I am not aware of any Republican Party official stating they think they can be victorious with an all-white party. Did Thomas actually read Rich's column? Here's what Rich wrote over the weekend in a column titled, "The G.O.P. Stalinists Invade Upstate New York,":

The right still may want to believe, as Palin said during the campaign, that Alaska, with its small black and Hispanic populations, is a “microcosm of America.” (New York’s 23rd also has few blacks or Hispanics.) But most Americans like their country’s 21st-century profile.

So is Frank Rich calling Sarah Palin is a racist because she described Alaska as a microcosm of America? Is Frank Rich complaining that Alaska is nearly all white? I guess Native Americans don't quite fit into Rich's "21st-century profile."

If you read Rich's column it's Sarah Palin who is the issue:

Such is Palin’s clout that Steve Forbes, Rick Santorum and Tim Pawlenty, the Minnesota governor (and presidential aspirant), promptly fell over one another in their Pavlovian rush to second her motion. They were joined by far-flung Republican congressmen from Kansas, Georgia, Oklahoma and California, not to mention a gaggle of state legislators from Colorado.

Funny how Rich doesn't accuse the Republican Party of sexism.

Does the Republican Party have its work cut out for it? You bet.

Does the Republican Party need to appeal to a broader demographic base? Absolutely.

Is the Republican Party trying to be an "all-white party"? If so then where exactly does that leave Bobby Jindal and Ken Blackwell?

Cal Thomas should think twice before utilizing Frank Rich as a source of inspiration for his column.

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