Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shooting at Fort Hood Kills Seven; Wounds Twenty

There has been a shooting at the Fort Hood U.S. Army Post in Kileen, Texas. Thus far it has claimed the lives of seven people while twenty others have been wounded. It is believed the shootings were committed by at least two individuals one of whom is still on the loose. The shooting took place during a graduation ceremony.

It is unknown if the victims were civilians or soldiers. The assailants are believed to be wearing military uniforms but it is not known if they are military personnel.

I have a creepy feeling in my skin this could be an act of terrorism. I say this because there are multiple assailants involved. There have been altercations between soldiers at Fort Hood that have resulted in fatalities but those incidents involved one soldier against another not the work of multiple assailants.

If there is more than one shooter it could be the work of soldiers who failed to graduate and are seeking revenge. Or perhaps it could be the work of anti-war activists who decided to protest by not so peaceful means. It could also be the work of soldiers who fell under the influence of anti-war protesters, found they were going to be deployed to Afghanistan and then decided they weren't going. One must also consider an Islamic component although no evidence of that has been presented to this point. Or it could have absolutely nothing to do with what I have described above.

Whatever the reason the only that is clear right now is that seven people are dead.

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Anonymous said...

Could, could, could...

What say we all just STFU for a little while and let the CID and others on the post figure it out?