Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Answering a Couple of Questions About Limbaugh-McNabb

One of our regular readers at IC had a couple of questions for me concerning my article on Rush Limbaugh and Donovan McNabb.

I had asked if Rush favored a colorblind society why bring McNabb's race into the conversation.

Our reader asks:

"Are you suggesting that to be "color blind" one cannot mention race in any context? Even when commenting on a perceived hypocrisy?"

Me: I don't see what McNabb's race has to do with any aspect of his on the field performance. As for the hypocrisy I will again ask what sportswriters, television pundits or bloggers fawned on McNabb over his race. If Limbaugh gives names then perhaps I could take his claims about McNabb more seriously. If not then he is making a claim that he cannot back up.

He also asks:

You go on to write: "It's not surprising because Rush's claim is predicated on the premise there has never been a successful African-American quarterback in the NFL." Where, exactly, has Rush stated such a premise?

Me: When Rush states, "The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well," I am left with the impression that no black quarterback has ever done well in the NFL. How can the media be desirous that a black quarterback succeed when there have already been successful black quarterbacks?

It would be like calling Howie Kendricks of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim overrated and then say, "The media has been very desirous that a black second baseman succeed," all the while ignoring Jackie Robinson and Joe Morgan.

It is exactly why I would have like to have seen Rush be given an opportunity to defend his comments and address any concerns any individual owners, players or any other NFL/NFLPA officials might have.

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