Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So Now Does McCain Think Obama is Dithering?

If a week in politics is a lifetime then 72 hours is a generation.

On Sunday, when Senator John McCain appeared on Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer, he told Schieffer he would not characterize President Obama's strategy in Afghanistan as "dithering" as former Vice-President Dick Cheney did last week. To be precise, McCain said, "I wouldn't use that language." He went on to say, "the more united we can be behind him, I think the more the chances are of success and American public support."

Today, Senator McCain is singing a duet with Cheney. Interviewed on The Early Show (what is McCain's affinity for CBS I wonder), McCain said, "It's time to act." He added:

We watch this situation continue to deteriorate while this long protracted process of decision-making goes on. We're not operating in a vacuum. The president of the United States needs to make this decision and soon.

O.K., McCain didn't come out and say Obama was dithering in Afghanistan. But for all intents and purposes McCain said Obama was dithering in Afghanistan.

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