Friday, October 30, 2009

Zelaya to Return to Power in Honduras

In an otherwise unproductive trip to Pakistan, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced a resolution to the political standoff in Honduras. The Obama Administration has bullied the Micheletti government in Honduras to allow Manuel Zelaya to return to power. Elections are to proceed as scheduled on November 29th. It will be interesting to see if Zelaya honors his word.

Let us not forget the Obama Administration put the full weight of their support behind a man who publicly declared that Israeli mercenaries were poisoning him with mind altering gas and radiation.

If the Honduran Congress must return him Zelaya to power let us hope they have the wherewithal to do so on November 28th.

Ray Walser of the Heritage Foundation sums it up quite nicely:

The Obama team did an excellent job of undermining the Honduran economy by cutting off economic assistance, throttling tourism with travel warnings, yanking visas away from Hondurans, and creating a climate of massive uncertainty that spooked U.S. investors and businesses. The U.S. embassy in Honduras did yeomen’s work watching out for the interests of the Zelaya clan, leaving many to wonder which side it was pulling for. In short, against a small, friendly, anti-Chávez ally, the administration mustered the sort of muscle it would never dare use against Iran, Russia, or Venezuela.

In other words, Obama and Hillary did it because they could.

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