Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Republicans get their own private online social networking site, republicanville.com

Contact: Charles A. Jensen
Phone: 602-539-5520
Email: press@republicanville.com

Republicans get their own private online social networking site, republicanville.com

October 13, 2009
Phoenix, Arizona

Republicanville.com, the ultimate free online social network for Republicans, Independents, and Libertarians has just launched. Republicanville aims to change the political landscape. The site is founded on the core principles of fiscal conservatism, smaller government, low taxes, stronger defense, and capitalism. Republicanville provides individuals and political leaders a social network that is strictly for their political involvement, where everyone is free to speak their mind with others who share the same political interests and voting goals. This unique virtual nation will allow everyone to connect instantly and personally with friends, elected officials, candidates, and organizations.

Co-Founder & CEO Stryker Lampe says, “Our vision is simple, we want to advance the Republican Party through technology. We want people to know we are not your grandfather’s GOP. This is not some Washington-funded idea, this is simply two guys following and protecting the American Dream.”

Branded “A social network of the people, by the people, and for the people,” this online social network will give citizens and politicians FREE networking tools to advance their political views and communicate with their constituents. Members can make new friends and express what’s on their mind using blogs, videos, pictures and social linking. Members can also start groups, post events & jobs and chat live. In the works are a number of amazing features and applications to assist in connecting individuals with their elected officials and vice versa.

One of the most interesting features of the social network is that you can handle all your tweets, followers and search twitter without ever leaving the site. Another great feature is that you can invite all your friends from Facebook, LinkedIn, email accounts and other networks all inside republicanville.

Charles A. Jensen Co-Founder, President and COO says, ”In a social media world people are running into increasing problems expressing their political views on networks like Facebook as their statements may conflict with “friends,” their content could be held against them. Networks like Facebook can shut down your account at anytime. People who join republicanville are there for one thing: political activism. We do not hide what we are about.”

About republicanville llc:

Republicanville is a private social media company based out of Scottsdale Arizona and founded by Stryker Lampe & Charles A. Jensen. They plan on reinventing politics with social media and applications. They are launching a sister site votingcounts.com that will concentrate on voter registration.

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