Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gilbert Arenas, Guns & Liberal Media Condescension

A few days ago, a crate of unloaded firearms were found inside the locker of Washington Wizards forward Gilbert Arenas. The firearms were inside a locked container.

The incident is now being investigated both by the Wizards and the NBA. There's also no word if Arenas will be charged with an offense by the District of Columbia.

Jarrett Carter, a liberal sports blogger, then writes an article titled, "Why Gilbert Arenas Should Never Own Guns."

Carter fears for the safety of Arenas' children citing some unspecified "world's demons." Yet it was the arrival of Arenas' new daughter that prompted him to remove the firearms from his home. Now there might very well be legitimate criticism of Arenas for bringing firearms to The Verizon Center. Yet it is worth noting that Carter makes no mention of the fact the guns weren't loaded and were inside a locked container. These are not insignificant details. It is the sign of a responsible gun owner. One wonders what else he might be leaving out.

But why include all the facts when you can make statements such as:

Again, it’s not a discussion about rights as it is who is a right fit for a gun. No one wants those who don’t value their intended purpose to have them, but for Bible-thumpers and thugs alike, the law trumps the common sense of the common man when it comes to weaponry for the citizenry.

Ah yes, those Bible-thumpers who wantonly shoot pistols and rifles for no reason. In Carter's world, those who adhere to the Bible are no better than thugs. But that's liberal tolerance for you.

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