Friday, December 11, 2009

Palin & Shatner Go Into Warp Drive on Conan

Last July, shortly after Sarah Palin resigned as Governor of Alaska, William Shatner appeared on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien where he read part of her resignation speech as performance poetry. At the time, I made this observation:

Since Alaska is a frontier state it is perhaps fitting that someone who has traversed the final frontier like Captain Kirk should be the one person who can serve as a medium between Palin and the parts of America who do not yet understand her.

For that matter, Conan might be the only comedian in America whose Palin humor hasn't been dehumanizing. Take a look at what I wrote when Palin and David Letterman had their row last June:

If Conan O'Brien were smart he'd invite Palin onto his version of The Tonight Show. It would be in his interest in light of the fact that he has fallen behind Letterman in the ratings scarcely two weeks into his run as its new host. But that would probably offend the brass at NBC who should rename their network Obama Central.

Well, it looks like Conan decided to offend his bosses. Sarah Palin made a surprise appearance on Conan tonight after William Shatner read an excerpt of Going Rogue. Palin came out and read an excerpt from Shatner's autobiography in Shatner style and was quite well received.

She couldn't have asked for anything more this week. Palin was out front and center with an op-ed in The Washington Post calling on President Obama to boycott the Copenhagen Conference. Instead of debating the merits of her argument her critics instead said there was no room for her thoughts in the public square. That's liberal tolerance for you.

Then she rewards Conan for his kindness and graces his show. Note to David Letterman: You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Palin held her own with a captivated Captain Kirk and had the audience laughing with her. The looney left and condescending conservatives aren't laughing. I say let them wallow in their misery. Sarah Palin has higher grounds to roam.

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