Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Granderson Joins The Evil Empire

The New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers and Arizona Diamondbacks have pulled off a three way trade that makes centerfielder Curtis Granderson the newest member of The Evil Empire.

Granderson had been a member of the Tigers since the end of the 2003 season. He was a key member of the 2006 AL championship team. While Granderson's average fell to .249 in 2009 he did hit a career high 30 home runs. He also made his first All-Star apperance this past season.

Did I mention that he is exciting to watch in center field?

Should the Yankees re-sign Johnny Damon, will they try to unload Melky Cabrera?

The Tigers get relief pitcher Phil Coke and outfield prospect Austin Jackson from the Yankees. They also get starting pitcher Max Scherzer and relief pitching prospect Daniel Schlereth from Arizona. With Fernando Rodney as a free agent, Schlereth has a good chance of becoming the Tigers closer in 2010. Jackson will have the unenviable task of filling Granderson's shoes in Comerica Park's cavernous center field.

As for the D'Backs, they get Tigers starting pitcher Edwin Jackson and one time Yankee pitching prospect Ian Kennedy. I find it interesting that the Tigers were eager to get rid of Jackson despite winning 13 games for them in 2009. But the D'Backs could have an interesting rotation of Jackson, Kennedy, Danny Haren and, dare I say, a healthy Brandon Webb.

Meanwhile, Granderson can look forward to being wildly booed at both Comerica and Fenway Park next season.

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Mitch said...

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