Friday, December 18, 2009

Obama Asks Wen: "Mr. Premier, Are You Ready To See Me?"

I just caught this on CNN. During a bilateral meeting between President Obama and Chinese Premier Wen in Copenhagen, most of the American media were not allowed access to the meeting although the Chinese media got in unfettered.

Even White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs got caught in the commotion and couldn't get in either. Rick Sanchez praised Gibbs for standing up for the American media. Gibbs referred to the American press as "my guys."

But the symbolism is unmistakable. The Chinese get in and the Americans are kept out. China wants to be Number One. It doesn't help when President Obama asks Wen, “Mr. Premier, are you ready to see me? Are you ready?”

The President of the United States has effectively bowed to another foreign leader.


Anonymous said...

Just want to tell you, Chinense Premier is Wen instead of Wu. Do research carefully!

Aaron Goldstein said...

I conflated Wen with Hu. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. It has been corrected.