Thursday, December 3, 2009

Media Matters Calls on Matthews to Apologize - To Obama

Last night, Chris Matthews rightly apologized for likening the cadets at West Point to "an enemy camp" prior to President Obama's speech on Afghanistan.

Matthews was criticized from across the political spectrum for his ill advised remarks. Even Media Matters got in on the act. But Media Matters doesn't think Matthews has gone far enough. The left-wing media watchdog group wants Matthews to apologize to President Obama:

Matthews needs to apologize to Obama, and to Democrats, because Matthews' idiotic comment was born out of the pundit's ingrained CW that Democrats can't do national security and that the armed forces are naturally distrustful of Democratic presidents. And that when a Democratic leader visits West Point he's somehow entering foreign or hostile territory.

If Matthews is saying "the armed forces are naturally distrustful of Democratic presidents" he is impugning the troops, not the President. Matthews wasn't questioning Obama's national security credentials. In fact, Matthews has been one of Obama's most ardent cheerleaders. Let us not forget that less than 48 hours after Obama's election, it was Matthews who said that it was his job to make Obama's presidency a success. His comments on Tuesday were squarely aimed at the cadets awaiting President Obama. He believed the cadets were demonstrating insufficient enthusiasm for their Commander in Chief.

Although Media Matters wasn't amused with Matthews' remarks it is curious they never called upon Matthews to apologize to the cadets. Indeed, they only acknowledged his apology to the cadets as a "good start" when calling upon him to apologize to President Obama.

Matthews has made amends with the cadets and no further apology is required.

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