Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Liberal Sticks Up For Limbaugh

Three cheers for Rochelle Riley of The Detroit Free Press.

Riley scolds left-wing bloggers in a piece titled, "Stop wishing Rush Limbaugh dead."

Riley makes it clear she does not agree with any of Rush's views. But she also makes it clear that those who wish him grievous harm are only hurting America:

Yes, he has crossed the line before. He's made us mad as hell. But as he recovers in a hospital in Honolulu, where he was vacationing when he was stricken, America gives Rush Limbaugh the right to the same freedom of speech that I have, even if his speech makes my heart hurt.

Shame on anyone who wants the match between Limbaugh and the many who oppose him to be called on a technical knock-out. I'd rather he get back in the ring and eventually suffer an intellectual one.

To have America means having the Rush Limbaughs of the world. Stop wishing death on democracy.

With that I would like to wish Rochelle Riley a Happy New Year.

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