Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Giambrone Drops Out of Toronto Mayoral Race

An update on the Adam Giambrone situation which I wrote about here yesterday.

Giambrone withdrew from the 2010 Toronto mayoral race today.

His withdrawal comes in the wake of an affair he had with a 20-year-old woman named Kristen Lucas. She went public after she learned Giambrone had a live in girlfriend. Giambrone launched his mayoral campaign last week with his girlfriend, Sarah McQuarrie by his side.

Giambrone initially insisted that his association with Lucas was limited to text messages and meeting in public places. Despite this revelation, his campaign manager insisted yesterday that his campaign would proceed full steam ahead. However, Giambrone subsequently admitted that he had not been forthcoming with regard to his relationship with Lucas. He also admitted to having liaisons with other women. This no doubt put the kabosh on his mayoral ambitions.

Indeed, while Giambrone did pubicly apologize this morning it was left to one of his spokesmen to actually announce he was withdrawing from the race.

Giambrone remains at the helm of the Toronto Transit Commission and is keeping his seat on Toronto City Council. Frankly, I'm not sure how Giambrone can hold onto to his job at the TTC. The TTC is one of Toronto's most important public institutions and frankly Giambrone's performance before Lucas came forward did not inspire confidence. I don't see how he can lead the TTC now. Especially when he abruptly bolts from the stage during his own press conference. As for his city council seat it might be in his best interest to finish out his term and not seek re-election this November.

The only question now is whether Giambrone will learn from this humbling experience and grow up.

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