Wednesday, February 17, 2010

She Who Laughs Last....

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, fresh from being unable to convince the Saudis to go along with more sanctions against Iran, is celebrating by laughing at Sarah Palin. When asked by a Saudi Arabian student if the prospect of a Palin presidency terrified her and that if she would move to Canada or Russia if Palin was elected President, Hillary let out one of her laughs.

Well, at least the Saudi student didn't ask her what her husband thought of Sarah Palin.

Of course, this episode provides an opportunity for left-wing pundits to sling more arrows in Palin's direction as if they needed an excuse. John Nichols of The Nation writes, "Luckily for Clinton, the whole Palin-as-president conversation provides plenty of comic relief -- as few Americans are taking it seriously."

Hey, let Nichols snicker. Let Nichols and his ilk behave as if the presidential election is taking place next week instead of a mere two years, eight months and sixteen days from now. Don't they know that a week in politics is a lifetime? Sarah Palin has both time and circumstance on her side. Remember she who laughs last....

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