Thursday, February 18, 2010

Women Caned in Malaysia

Yesterday, Malaysia's Home Minister announced that three women had been caned earlier this month for having extramarital sex. This despite the fact federal law in Malaysia prohibits the caning of women. The local Sharia courts have effectively supplanted Malaysian federal law. It should be noted that four men were also caned.

Of course, one could make the argument the Malaysia is far more benevolent when it comes to adultery than its neighbor Indonesia. Last September, the Indonesian province of Aceh passed a law making adultery punishable by death by way of stoning.

Yet I suspect most people will not have much reaction to these developments in this country. After all both Malaysia and Indonesia are a world away and there's a sense of belief that such a thing could not happen in the United States or in the West.

But Sharia courts have been operating in Britain for two years now. If Dr. Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, was accurate in stating that Sharia law was unavoidable in Britain then one must also conclude that caning and stoning for committing adultery are sure to follow.

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Anonymous said...

Is repentance a form of earthly punishment? or Is repentance an act or deeds between one's self towards God? Does earthly punishment guarantees one's sins to be lighten in the hereafter? Is such ideology written in the holy books? Is this mindset against the aqidah? Do you believe that caning teaches repentance? Do you believe that earthly punishment would constitutes to a lighter sentence in the hereafter? What if I believe in this accepted laws and would you consider my aqidah as misleading? Repentance is an act between one's self and God and only God may/may not accept it.