Friday, February 12, 2010

Thoughts on the Vancouver Olympics

I am generally not a huge follower of the Olympiad but I am looking forward to the Winter Olympics which commence tonight in Vancouver.

I do take a certain pride that my native country is once again hosting the Olympics. Last month, the Olympic torch passed through Thunder Bay and my father told me there were huge crowds to receive the torch. He also said it was the only time in the all years he's been in Thunder Bay that he was reminded of being in New York City.

The last time Canada hosted the Winter Olympics was in 1988 when Calgary played host. The torch came through Thunder Bay as well. I remember we were let out of school for an hour or so to watch the relay. I don't think I quite gave it the appreciation it deserved.

It is interesting that Vancouver is hosting the Olympics because it almost never snows there. In fact, Olympic officials have had to bring snow into Vancouver. I'm sure there a lot of people in D.C. and in Baltimore who would love to give their snow to Vancouver.

I've never been to Vancouver but I did live in Victoria, the provincial capital of British Columbia, for a year when my Dad was on sabbatical in the late 1970s. As I recall it snowed maybe once the entire winter and it was barely a dusting. It was light years away from the winters I spent growing up in Northwestern Ontario. Evidently, Vancouver is experiencing its warmest winter since the 1930s.

Well, perhaps Vancouver doesn't need to enlist help from Baltimore after all. Snow has fallen in the Vancouver area and it seems not a moment too soon. Let the games begin.

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