Saturday, February 6, 2010

Run Sarah Run!!! Run Sarah Run!!!

I watched Sarah Palin's address before the Tea Party Convention in Nashville this evening.

While the liberal media looks upon her as the anti-Christ I think it would be more accurate to say that she is the anti-Obama or the anti-Anointed One. Palin didn't use a teleprompter. There were some malapropisms and misplaced words along the way. Then again President Obama has proven that smooth talk doesn't calm rough waters. Or as Palin put it, "How's that hopey, changey stuff working out for you?"

I like how Palin spoke of the need of a "pro-market agenda." I wonder if she has read Luigi Zingales. I also like the fact Palin devoted a portion of her speech to foreign policy and national defense. She noted Israel's unease with the Obama Administration. But perhaps best of all was when she criticized Obama's handling of the war on terrorism (or as President Obama likes to call it an overseas contigency operation.) Palin declared, “To win that war, we need a commander in chief, not a professor of law.”

When Tea Party Convention organizer Judson Phillips asked Palin about the “two words that scare liberals: President Palin" the delegates chanted, "Run Sarah Run!!!"

Now Palin noted that one did not need to hold office to make a difference. But if she is the only standing between the United States and the primrose path towards socialism why wouldn't she throw her hat into the ring? I'm even more convinced now that she will run for President in 2012 than I was when I wrote about it in November.

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