Monday, May 24, 2010

Blackhawks & Flyers To Face Off in Stanley Cup

Canada will have to wait another year for a Stanley Cup Champion.

Tonight, the Philadelphia Flyers eliminated the Montreal Canadiens in Game 6 of the NHL Eastern Conference Final. No Canadian team has won the Stanley Cup since the Canadiens in 1993.

The Flyers will face off against the Chicago Blackhawks for Lord Stanley's Cup. The Blackhawks swept the San Jose Sharks in the NHL Western Conference Final yesterday.

It's been a long time since either team has carried the Cup. The Flyers won back to back Stanley Cups in 1974 and 1975 but have won nothing since despite five subsequent appearances in the NHL Final. The Flyers last appeared in the Stanley Cup in 1997 when they were swept by the Detroit Red Wings who were coached by Scotty Bowman.

The Blackhawks, however, have not won in nearly fifty years. The last triumph for the Blackhawks took place in 1961 when they beat the Red Wings. Like the Flyers, the Blackhawks have made it to the NHL Final five times without grabbing the brass ring. Their most recent Stanley Cup appearance was in 1992 when they were swept by the Pittsburgh Penguins who were coached by - you guessed it - Scotty Bowman.

I'm not crazy about what the Flyers did to the Bruins so I'm rooting for the Blackhawks. They've had a longer drought and let's not forget they're part of the Original Six. If a Canadian team can't win and the Bruins are out then I'll take one of the Original Six teams.

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LDUTheCoach said...

Finally after weeks of waiting and anticipation we have the Stanley Cup Finals!! I honestly can’t believe the Flyers are in contending for the cup, unbelievable. Back in mid-April no one would have said they’d be here. The thing is, I say they’re contending because the Blackhawks will be hoisting Lord Stanley!! Here’s the proof with a prediction:
Oh’ lol, and there is a nice gallery of the Chicago Ice Girls there too… man I wish we had ice girls in Canada haa… I wouldn’t mind the Stanley Cup back either but the Blackhawks and their fans deserve it. 49 years is a LONGG time. Congrats Chi-town!