Monday, May 10, 2010

Who Will Succeed Brown as Labour Party Leader?

Gordon Brown today announced his resignation as leader of the Labour Party effective this September.

The Labour Party will have its annual conference in Manchester from September 26- 30. If Labour can make a deal with the Liberal Democrats as well as several of the smaller parties then Brown's successor would become Prime Minister.

But if the Tories can reach a deal with the Liberal Democrats then Labour and its new leader will become Her Majesty's Official Opposition.

Now as to who will succeed Brown is the £64,000 question. Here's a list of possible contenders. The Daily Mail believes the Miliband brothers - David and Ed - will have a go at it. A battle between Brown and Tony Blair by proxy if you will.

One possible longshot is Secretary of State for Health Andy Burnham who was my old boss when I interned for Tessa Jowell back in 1995.

But right now the Liberal Democrats still have the keys to 10 Downing Street regardless of who is at the helm of Labour.

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