Saturday, May 1, 2010

NYPD Stop Terrorist Attack in Times Square

The New York City Police Department have stopped a terrorist attack in Times Square.

At approximately 6:30 p.m., a horse mounted NYPD officer saw smoke coming from a car parked on Seventh Avenue at 45th Street. The bomb squad was dispatched and found an incendiary device with electrical components as well as three propane gas tasks and two gas cannisters. As the incendiary device was being defused the NYPD had the Herculean task of evacuating hundreds of thousands of people from Times Square.

There is obviously the question as to who is responsible for this act. Islamic terrorists? Eco-terrorists? A violent May Day protest? Well, whoever is responsible it is obvious there was an intent to maximize carnage and kill as many people as possible. If one is going to launch a terrorist attack on a Saturday evening in New York City then one would do it in Times Square.

Thanks to the swift actions of the NYPD a tragedy which could have been as monumental as the events of September 11, 2001 has been averted.

Unfortunately, it is only a matter of time before another attempt will be made and next time we might not be so fortunate. All we can do is keep our eyes and ears open.


Anonymous said...

Not "diffused". Defused or de-fused.

Aaron Goldstein said...

Thanks for catching that. It has now been corrected.