Monday, May 31, 2010

Thoughts on Israel's Act of Self-Defense

Six ships headed to Gaza attempted to penetrate Israel's naval blockade.

Israeli soldiers borded those ships to inspect for weapons.

Five of the ships co-operated.

The sixth did not. Israeli soldiers were stabbed and beaten with clubs and sticks. One Israeli soldier was thrown overboard.

Israel was left with no choice but to defend themselves and as a result at least nine members of the flotilla are dead.

Benjamin Netanyahu's meeting with President Obama tomorrow has been postponed indefinitely. Netanyahu went back to Jerusalem after meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Ottawa today.

Naturally, the world is outraged at Israel for "disproportionate force." The fact that the group that organized the flotilla is a terrorist organization based in Turkey doesn't get in the way of their arguments.

Not surprisingly, the UN Security Council is holding an emergency session which it only seems to do where it concerns Israel.

The question is will the United States vote to condemn Israel.

If it does then I'm afraid relations between Israel and the United States will be beyond repair as long as Obama remains in the White House.

But even if it doesn't go along with the condemnation the UN General Assembly will surely establish yet another "fact-finding mission" a la The Goldstone Report which negated Israel's right of self-defense.

At least, Israel has Netanyahu rather than Olmert in charge. Because if Israel doesn't stand up for itself then no one will.

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