Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Haley & Scott Triumph in South Carolina

The next time someone from Brookline, Cambridge or Jamaica Plain or any other left-wing precinct dismisses conservatives and Republicans as racist I will direct their attention to South Carolina.

Tonight, Nikki Haley became the GOP gubernatorial nominee while Tim Scott is the Republican standard bearer for South Carolina's 1st Congressional District. Oh, did I mention that Haley happens to be of Indian heritage while Scott is black?

If this isn't evidence that South Carolina Republicans are color blind then I don't know what is?

To put it into perspective, Scott trounced Paul Thurmond by better than a two to one margin. That would be Thurmond as in the son of the late Strom Thurmond.

Of course, like poverty, racism will always be with us. As was the case earlier this month when S.C. GOP State Senator Jake Knotts referred to Haley (as well as President Obama) as a "raghead". South Carolina Republicans swiftly repudiated Knotts.

Haley and Scott earned their victories tonight through the content of their character and through the content of their ideas.

Both Haley and Scott will have tough races in November but given the increasingly conservative mood of the country Haley and Scott might have overcome their biggest obstacles tonight.

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