Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rex Murphy Ridicules UN Over Israel

If you are not Canadian or otherwise unfamiliar with Canadian print or broadcast journalism then you are probably unfamiliar with Rex Murphy.

He has been a fixture on CBC Television's The National and CBC Radio's Cross Country Check Up for many years and is also a newspaper columnist for The National Post.

In his most recent column, Murphy takes on the hypocrisy of the United Nations when it comes to Israel:

I don't suppose the world needs to remember Rwanda to note how sluggish in the face of imminent horror the United Nations is and can be. If that is not a sufficient cue, we could bring in other examples of areas of great threat or immiseration or both: Darfur, Tibet, Chechnya, North Korea, Zimbabwe, the Congo or Iran. On these the UN has the patience of a stone but only some of its energy.

But torpid as is its nature, and comatose as are its eternal deliberations, on one subject, and toward one state, the United Nations acquires a strange and uniquely transformative power. Bring Israel under its gaze and the diplomatic sloths at UN headquarters morph into the swiftest of gazelles. From lotus-eaters to adrenalin junkies in the twinkling of an eye. Quite amazing, really.

And quite brilliantly devastating.

For more Murphy, here he is commenting last year on Climategate.

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